Need hearing aids? Why you need an independent audiologist not a salesperson!

What went wrong with hearing aids? Traditionally, in the hearing industry there were three participants: the manufacturer who makes hearing devices independent clinicians who fit the devices the clients who wear them. In this model, the clinician develops a strong and close relationship with their clients, similar to when you see your GP over many […]

Binaural Hearing Aids

Binaural hearing increases loudness, enhances clarity, and adds richness to sounds. But the benefits of binaural hearing deteriorate with hearing loss. In a bilateral fitting, the new generation of BestSoundTechnology in Siemens hearing aids simulates the effects of the healthy auditory system and brings these advantages back to the wearer.

Can Hearing Aids Slow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease?

Independent audiologist Julian Hinvest introduces new research linking hearing loss with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Recent studies show that hearing loss is linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (see references below). When managing your personal health, this at the very least points to hearing loss as an early warning sign. But the interesting question is […]

Researchers Find Hearing Aids May Improve Balance

New research has shown that hearing aids appear to improve balance in older adults with hearing loss. According to a recent study, patients with hearing aids in both ears performed better on standard balance tests when their hearing aids were turned on, as compared with when they were off. The study demonstrated that sound information, […]