Hearing Aids are NOT “one type fits all”!

Beware! Who are you buying hearing aids from?

In recent years manufacturers have bought out little independent clinics, setting up franchise-style shop fronts.

In this model, clinicians are hired directly by the manufacturer, which is often a large publicly-listed company. Management set sales targets and clinicians are required to fit that manufacturer’s devices, but are not required to disclose this relationship to their clients.

The result is a high pressure environment with monthly targets to reach, high staff turnover and poor client satisfaction.

At present more than half of all hearing clinics in Australia are owned by manufacturers or belong to a chain.

Choose Brand Independent Personalised Advice

Apex Hearing for independent hearing advice

Apex Hearing is a member of the national body, Independent Audiologists Australia, which represents clinicians who want their clients at the centre of their professional journey.

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