Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Technology is Rapidly Improving

The technology and power of modern hearing devices is advancing rapidly. Some major innovations in the last few years include:

Wireless audio streaming

Wirelessly stream phone calls, music and other audio from most Bluetooth-enabled phones and tablets directly to your hearing aids.

Rechargeable devices

With rechargeable technology, you don’t need to buy and change batteries, reducing hassle and waste. You don’t even need to turn the devices on and off, as this is automatic when removing from the charger carry case.

Phone apps

Mobile phone apps allow you to control your hearing devices wirelessly and discreetly. They also allow the devices to make location-based changes automatically, to suit your own preferences.

Wireless TV connection

Wirelessly stream stereo sound from your TV, PC or any other audio device, directly to your hearing aids. The volume can be adjusted to the right level for you, without changing what others hear. Move around as you please, listening to what you want to hear. Continue to also participate in conversations around you, or switch off the room noise completely if you prefer.

More sizes and styles

Hearing devices are available in more sizes and styles then ever before. Behind-the-ear styles are much smaller and lighter and are now among the most cosmetically appealing and comfortable devices available. They are also the easiest to use and most reliable devices. In-the-ear devices come in a wide range of sizes, some of which are virtually invisible in the ear.

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