Why Independent?

Why Independent?

Why Choose an Independent Clinic

Traditionally, in the hearing industry you have the manufacturer who makes hearing devices, the independent clinician who fits the devices and finally the client. In this model, the clinician develops a strong and close relationship with their clients, similar to when you see your GP over many years. A national body, Independent Audiologists Australia, represents clinicians who are part of this independent model.

In recent years, and especially here in Australia, multinational entities have set up franchise-style shop fronts. In this new environment, the management provides sales training and often sets sales targets. Have you ever received a phone call urging you to have a free hearing test? Most likely there is a chain brand behind it.

On a chain store’s website, you will notice a big emphasis on their brand and commercial promotions. It’s not important who the clinicians are and in which location they operate; if they leave, they are replaced. On our website, the first thing you’ll notice are our faces. We want to be personally recognisable and responsible.

On more than one occasion, the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) has taken action against chain stores for false and misleading conduct. To ensure you can have complete confidence in our conduct, we have developed our own ACCC Voluntary Compliance Program. This program monitors our compliance against the best legal and ethical standards.

Apex Hearing offers independent advice, experienced clinicians and a no-obligation 30 day trial.

Our Promise

Brand-independent advice.
We recommend the most suitable brand for you.

Free trial for 30 days
with no hidden fees.

You will always see the same clinician,
who knows you and your needs.

No appointment fees for follow up
or adjustments.

Home visits, free of charge.