What to Expect When You See Us

What to Expect When You See Us

What to Expect From Your Appointment

The assessment

At your first visit, generally we will perform a hearing assessment to determine your hearing level.

After the assessment, we will discuss the results and whether a visit to your GP is recommended. We can advise you on whether hearing technology may help to improve your situation. We will also inform you of any funding you may be entitled to such as the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program.

Duration 30-40 min

The fitting

Should the assessment indicate that hearing devices or assistive technology could be of benefit to you, and you wish to proceed with a trial, we will fit the devices and make all the necessary adjustments. We will also make sure you clearly understand the instructions.

We offer a 30 day trial of our proposed solution with no hidden fees.

Duration 30 min

The follow-up

At your third visit, generally one to two weeks after the fitting, we will check your progress and opinion and if the results are consistent with our expectations. Often some adjustment and a further follow-up is needed.

Duration 20 min

Further appointments may be needed depending on your needs and questions!

We welcome all feedback that can help us improve our service to you. Please contact us directly or use our feedback form. If you have a complaint we will make every effort to resolve it to your satisfaction. Our professional bodies publish a Code of Conduct which regulates our professional and ethical standards, available here. If we cannot resolve your complaint you may contact the professional body ethics officer directly, or the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner.